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    1. Going long, Going short, Order types, and Calculating Profit & Loss » Learn To Trade

      • • Long vs. Short. Another great thing about the Forex market is that you have more of a potential to profit in both rising and falling markets due to the fact that there is no market bias like the bullish bias of stocks. Anyone who has traded for a while knows that the fastest money is made in falling markets...


    2. Forex Trading Basics | Trading Long and Short

      Tweet 0. Share 0. +1. Reddit. Pocket. LinkedIn 0. Forex Trading Basics: How Does A Trade Work? When trading Forex, all transactions are made involving currency pairs. While you may enter a buy or sell position whenever you trade any Forex currency pair...


    3. Historical Forex Position Ratios | Currency Trend Analysis | OANDA

      • Forex Historical Position Ratios. See how long-short positions held by OANDA's clients have evolved over time.
      • Leveraged trading in foreign currency contracts or other off-exchange products on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone.


    4. Short Term Forex vs. Long Term Forex Trading | Day Trading Forex Live – Learn To Trade Pro Forex Strategies

      • In short, forex traders as a whole can be categorized into 2 distinct groups, short term traders and long term traders. When selecting the style of trading that best fits you, knowing the differences between the two is beneficial.


    5. Why Trading Forex is So Difficult - Long Term vs. Short Term @ Forex Factory | Forum

      • Longer term trading requires a very good knowledge of fundamentals and economics. It takes time to digest all this and most traders probably find it very
      • In my opinion forex is only hard if you are trying to predict. I trade both long and short and the only hard part for me when I started was trying to find...


    6. Go Long or Short for Trading Positions | Alvexo | Forex Trading Orders

      • Learn what factors are important when trading Forex, when to go long or short on currency pairs, and how to use various trading orders. Alvexo has designed this Forex trading course with one goal in mind: to make you a better Forex trader.


    7. Forex going long short | Trader’s tools

      • In this article, we will discuss what it means to go long and short in forex trade, and the reason/benefits a trader has to go short or go long in forex.
      • So, two basic things about going long in forex trade can be summarized as follows.


    8. Long Term versus Short Term Trading | Forex trading with Long Term versus Short Term strategy

      • The forex market can be viewed in limitless ways and traded in unquantifiable combinations, but there will always be the long and short-term view.
      • Thus, short-term traders are usually limited to using technical strategies for analysis and strategies.


    9. Forex Trading Plan: Consider Both Long & Short Scenarios In Your Forex Trading Plan! - YouTube

      Forex Trading Plan: Consider Both Long & Short Scenarios In Your Forex Trading Plan! When considering forex trading scenarios on the major currency pairs it'...


    10. The Long and Short of it | Get Your Free Trading Guides

      • New traders often wonder about the terms 'long,' and 'short.' This article will explain these key concepts.
      • With your broad range of free expert guides, you'll explore: The basics of forex trading and how to develop your startegy.