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    1. Foreign Exchange | How does an FX Transaction work?

      • FX Transaction or Foreign Exchange Transaction means the product the subject of this PDS, including Value Tomorrow Contracts, Spot Contracts and Forward Exchange Contracts.


    2. Foreign Exchange Transactions Act of South Korea

      • 17. The term "derivative financial transactions" means any transaction performed in the financial futures market or other similar transactions as prescribed by the Presidential Decree


    3. Forex Transactions

      • (b) The term "forex" means: (1) foreign currency futures and options and any other agreement, contract, or transaction in foreign currency that is offered or entered into on a leveraged or margined...


    4. That Cancellation In Transactions In Forex Means Figure Forex In The Technical Analysis The Book | Forum

      • ...Transactions In Forex Means The Adviser Forex For The Real Account Brokers are required by law to give investors the best execution possible, and can attempt to execute the transaction in the...


    5. Foreign exchange and foreign exchange options master

      • “Foreign Exchange Transaction” or “FX Transaction”means a transaction providing for the purchase of an agreed amount in one currency by one party to such transaction in exchange for the...


    6. Foreign exchange transactions

      • Foreign Exchange Transactions are not entered into on an authorised exchange such as a stock
      • Interbank Market means the wholesale markets for transacting in foreign exchange restricted to...


    7. Foreign Exchange Transactions Act (Republic of Korea)

      • 1. Foreign exchange in the Republic of Korea, foreign exchange transactions performed in the
      • 14. The term "foreign exchange affairs" means those as referred to in any of the following items


    8. FETA means Foreign Exchange Transactions Act

      • The Government & Military Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang FETA means Foreign Exchange Transactions Act. by AcronymAndSlang.com.


    9. Foreign exchange dealing - BNZ | Dealing Information means any market, exchange rate or other similar information provided by BNZ to you via FX Dealing, but excludes any information in relation to the terms of a completed Transaction.

      • Transaction means a forward exchange contract or other foreign exchange transaction entered into between you and BNZ through FX Dealing, including any variation of an earlier Transaction.


    10. Treasury to deal in foreign exchange | DIRECT REPORTING ENTITY means an independent entity authorised by the Financial Surveillance Department to report transactions directly to the SARB.

      • CROSS-BORDER FOREIGN EXCHANGE TRANSACTION means the purchase or sale of foreign exchange with or for Rand including Rand transactions between a resident and a non-resident.